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About Gabriel

Since I was 16 years old, I started working on summer breaks in Romania trying to become financially independent. I got my start working in construction, learning the trades. Based on my hardworking reputation, I was offered a chance to come in the USA working in construction, an offer I quickly took. I was fascinated by the flooring trade even though I was told it’s one of the most physically demanding construction trades. In 2014 I got my start working for a larger hardwood flooring company out of Chicago, a few years later opening up SkyDeck Flooring to give the same level of service at an affordable price. I love what I do, and my goal is to get all my wood flooring jobs done as close to perfection as possible. Happy customers are what I strive for. Besides work, I like playing chess and ping pong ( I was playing in a lot of competition when I was in school), bowling and road trips.

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    Premium Craftsmanship(No Shortcuts) Pricing That Can't Be Beat!
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    Over 67,000 Sq. Ft of Happy Customers in 2023
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    Dustless Sanding
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    Premium Equipment & Wood Flooring Knowledge



Premium Refinishing(No Shortcuts) Pricing That Can't Be Beat!

We have a $1,000 minimum charge

Oil-Based Polyurethane Refinishing

Cost-Effective - Darkens Over Time - Strong Durability

$3.75 sqft Sand, Natural, & 2 Coats Premium Oil Polyurethane
$4.00 sqft Sand, Wood Stain, 2 Coats Premium Oil Polyurethane
$4.25 sqft Sand, Wood Stain, 3 Coats Premium Oil Polyurethane (Good for Dogs & Commercial Use)
$4.50 sqft Sand, Wood Stain, 4 Coats Premium Oil Polyurethane (Longest Lasting Oil Option)
*minimum 500 sqft

Water-Based Polyurethane Refinishing

Lower VOC’s – Fast Drying – Optional Two-Component to Match Oil Durability

$4.00 sqft Sand, Natural, & 3 Coats Premium Water Polyurethane
$4.25 sqft Sand, Wood Stain, & 3 Coats Premium Water Polyurethane
$4.50 sqft Sand, Wood Stain, & 2 Coats Premium Water Polyurethane & One Coat of Two-Component Premium Water Polyurethane (Good for Dogs & Commercial Use)
$4.75 sqft Sand, Wood Stain, & 3 Coats of Two-Component Premium Water Polyurethane (Longest Lasting Water Option)
*minimum 500 sqft

Hardwood Installation Costs

Materials Separate - Lots of options on Installs - Pricing Varies, below are Approximate

$3.00 sqft 3 1/4 Unfinished Hardwood Installation
$4.00 sqft Prefinished Hardwood Installation

I can give you wood flooring material companies to work with or you can buy direct from me. Pricing for wood floors varies greatly, here are some ballpark sqft examples:
$3.00 for common grade(affordable/rustic)
$3.50 select grade(less imperfections/used most often)
$5.25+ for clear/exotics grades.

Screen & Coat

Also called Buff & Coat, Recoat, Restoration.

$1.25 sqft Oil Polyurethane
$1.50 sqft Water Polyurethane

Recoating gives a fresher look of your floors by fixing minor scratches on the existing finish, but not the deep scratches that are into the wood.
90% of our jobs screen & coat isn't a good fit. The process doesn’t alter the look of your floors drastically, but there is a time and place for it.
The main purpose is poly wears down over years requiring a new layer to be added to continue to protect your floors.
Many factors go into the decision, please give us a call to discuss this option.
*minimum 500 sqft

Premium Refinishing Process

  • Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floor.
  • 40 grit Big Machine
  • 60 grit Edger
  • 80 grit big machine
  • 100 grit Edger
  • 80 grit Planetary Sander
  • 100 grit Planetary Sander
  • Scraping and hand sanding all corners
  • Palm sander for edges to remove the remaining edger marks.
  • Final inspection, fill any remaining gaps.
  • Buffing with 150 grit screen.
  • Extensive vacuum/clean process
  • Water poping for dark stain.
  • Applying wood stain
  • Applying first coat of finish ( T-bar for water-based, roller for oil-based)
  • Before the final coat of finish I buff the floors with 220 paper or dollar sand pad for water-based or screening for oil-based.
  • Vacuum and wipe the floors before the final coat.

Featured Flooring Tools

We have invested in the best equipment allowing us to remove less surface and have a higher quality finish.

Lägler Belt 8 Belt Sander(big machine)
Lagler Trio Three Disc Sander(Dustless)
Clarke Edger Super 7R(edger)
Epoch American (Fine Sander/Buffer)
Varathane EZV Orbital Sander(dustless)
Ceno 2 Engine Vacuum

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